Statutory bodies and committees

The German Archaeological Institute is directed by its President. The President is represented by the General Secretary, who heads the Scientific Department at Head Office. Head Office is located in Berlin, along with specialized sections and the central administration. Via its departments, commissions, branches and research units, the Institute has a global presence.

The functions and structure of the DAI as well as the responsibilities of the committees are defined in the Institute's statutes. The commissions in Bonn, Frankfurt and Munich have their own statutes.

Direktorium (Board of Directors)

The President, General Secretary and the directors of the departments and commissions together form the Direktorium. Its tasks are to elaborate scientific plans and strategic objectives and to develop organizational arrangements for the Institute as a whole.

Current members of the Direktorium

Zentraldirektion (Executive Committee)

The Zentraldirektion is the supervisory board of the German Archaeological Institute. It consists of representatives of the archaeology of ancient cultures and related sciences who are drawn from universities, museums and other scientific institutions. In addition, the Directorate-General for Culture and Communication at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a representative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and a representative of the Direktorium have a seat and a vote in the Zentraldirektion.

Current members of the Zentraldirektion

The commissions

The three commissions in Bonn, Frankfurt and Munich are assisted by scientific advisory committees on account of their individual specializations. They enhance the external advisory capacity available to the DAI by adding fields such as the archaeology of South America, Africa, and South and East Asia as well as epigraphy, papyrology and ancient history.

Current members of the commissions

The responsibilities of the Zentraldirektion

The Zentraldirektion accepts the Direktorium's reports and discusses them. It appoints evaluators and deliberates upon their reports. In cooperation with the Direktorium the Zentraldirektion elaborates and decides upon scientific plans and strategic objectives for the Institute as a whole. It also decides on Institute research projects and publications, and about who should be the head of research projects, the editor of publications and who should fill executive positions (General Secretary, directors) in the departments and commissions and at Head Office. The ZD further ensures compliance with DFG (German Research Foundation) recommendations concerning good scientific practice, which are recognized by the Institute as an affiliate of the DFG.

The Committees

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee assists the President in an advisory capacity. It also prepares the elections of the President, the General Secretary and the departments directors. It is chaired by the President.

Current members of the Advisory Committee


The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee prepares the allocation of scholarships by the Zentraldirektion. The committee is chaired by the President.

Current members of the Scholarship Committee


The Advisory Committee on Historical Monuments

The Advisory Committee on Historical Monuments provides assistance and advice on monument restoration projects in the framework of DAI excavations. The committee is chaired by a member of the Zentraldirektion.

Functions and current members of the Advisory Committee on Historical Monuments


Project Committee

Current members of the Project Committee  


The Scientific Advisory Committees

The DAI has established several committees to assess the scientific quality of its publications. As a result all DAI publications will shortly be subject to peer review.

Current members of the Scientific Advisory Committees involved in the peer review of DAI publications