Current Members of the Direktorium of the German Archaeological Institute


  • Prof. Dr. Friederike Fless


General Secretary

  • Dr. Philipp von Rummel


Directors of the departments and commissions

  • Prof. Dr. Eszter Bánffy - Romano-Germanic Commission, Frankfurt a. M.

  • Prof. Dr. Ortwin Dally - Rome Department

  • Prof. Dr. Ricardo Eichmann - Orient Department, Berlin

  • Prof. Dr. Svend Hansen - Eurasia Department, Berlin

  • Prof. Dr. Dirce Marzoli - Madrid Department

  • Prof. Dr. Felix Pirson - Istanbul Department

  • PD Dr. Christof Schuler - Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy, Munich

  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Seidlmayer - Cairo Department

  • Prof. Dr. Katja Sporn - Athens Department

  • Dr. Burkhard Vogt - Commission for the Archaeology of Non-European Cultures, Bonn


(Last update: April 2014)