Research E-Papers

In 2014, the DAI restructured its report processes. Instead of a printed annual report, we now publish two separate, regular formats: our Research E-Papers and our Annual E-Reports.

To ensure that our research reports are up to date, we publish Research E-Papers throughout the year in individual fascicles that are issued promptly with the respective research campaigns. These fascicles are available through open access as DAI wishes to share its research results with a wide audience.

Our Research E-Papers are fully citable with ISSN and URN. They are permanently accessible via iDAI.publications/journals.

Fascicle 2/2017

With 20 locations and more than 350 research projects, the DAI is among the world's largest archaeological research institutions. The research reports in this fascicle reflect the wide range of DAI activities in diverse regions around the globe. They mainly include the 2016-2017 research results.


Please use the following link to view and download the fascicle: 

eDAI-F 2017, 2 (PDF 104 MB) or (PDF 17 MB).


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