Archaeology and Community. Relevance and Impact of Mediterranean Archaeology on Current Debates

TransArea Network Mediterranean Archaeology ‒ 3rd Workshop Selinunte 11-13 April 2024


12 April


Felice Crescente, Direttore Parco Archeologico di Selinunte, Cave di Cusa e Pantelleria

Indirizzo di saluto


Ortwin Dally

Indirizzo di saluto


Philipp von Rummel, Nadine Viermann



Alexander Gramsch

Archäologie, Community und (offene) Grenzen


Mehmet Somel, Hannah Moots

Mobility, identity and the Mediterranean: what ancient DNA does and does not tell


Coffee break



Matthew Harpster


National Priorities and Local Practices Protecting Underwater Cultural Heritage along the Amalfi Costiera, Italy


Dirce Marzoli, Helmut Brückner, Pere Castanyer, Marta Santos, Ramon Julià, Daniel Baños

Coastal cultural heritage threatened by rising sea level and increasing storminess – the case study of Ampurias (Empúries), Catalunya


Lunch break



Paul Scheding


Arqueología en Movimiento. Mediterrane Narrative zwischen Iberischer Halbinsel und Nordafrika


Hamden Ben Romdhane

Carthage in the modern urban setting: the challenges of research, management and preservation


Coffee break



13 April


Moritz Kinzel


Documenting Village life and Abandonment – From ethno-archaeological studies to community archaeology


Secil Tezer

Communicating over Heritage. Potentials and Conflicts of Working with / for the Local Community in Bergama (Pergamon)


Claudia Bührig


The emergence of a community heritage. Hara Foqa as a case study


Coffee break



Hasan Ali


Community archaeology of a displaced community. The case study of Palmyra


Friederike T. Kranig

Die (spätantike) Klangwelt des Tur Abdin zwischen Ethnologie und (Community) Archäologie. Probleme, Möglichkeiten, Hoffnungen


Federico Buccellati

From Case Study to General Concepts: Tell Mozan as a Bottom-Up Approach to Community Engagement and Cultural Heritage


Lunch break



Cornelia Kleinitz

Up the Nile and to the left, near the pyramids of Meroe: Working with local communities at archaeological sites on the southern edge of the Mediterranean world


Marlene Köster

Die Rolle lokaler Gemeinschaften im Schutz archäologischer Stätten in Nordäthiopien


Coffee break



Final discussion

Chair: Felix Pirson