Forms and documents for your application

For your application and – hopefully – recruitment at DAI you will need to provide documentation beyond the typical application documents like certificates, credentials, references, and your c.v.

To download the relevant forms please follow the link "Downloads" in the right margin.

Of special significance to academic employees are the requirements of the German Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetzes (WissZeitVG), the "Academic Temporary Employment Act" (cf. The WissZeitVG comprises regulations regarding fixed-term employment contracts for academic and artistic personnel at universities and non-university research institutions. In this context, applicants need to provide information on dissertation periods and fixed-term employment contracts for more than 25 percent of regular (full-time) working hours at German universities or non-university research institutions as well as fixed-term employment as civil servant or private work contracts with the same conditions.

Certificate of citizenship for civil servant positions and/or intended appointment as tenured German civil servant.

It is mandatory that applicants for a civil servant position or a position that will lead to an appointment as tenured German civil servant must present a certificate of citizenship at the time of recruitment.  Please apply for a certificate of citizenship at your local (German) Citizenship Office. Your local Citizenship Office is part of your (German) municipality's public administration in the town, county, or district of your residence. Applicants of German citizenship who live abroad need to direct their application for a certificate of citizenship to the Federal Administration Office in Cologne.  


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