The DAI's extensive scholarship program is designed to promote the professionalization and education of young scholars, international academic and scientific exchange, and international academic collaboration within our areas of study and research

Travel grants

Awarded for the first time in 1859, the DAI travel grant has the longest tradition of all our stipends and grants. It is awarded to young scientists for exceptional PhD theses and funds one year of travel research to the sites of monuments of Classical Antiquity and related eras. In 1928, the DAI's grant program was expanded to include the Wülfing stipend. Based on private sponsorship, the Wülfing fellowship funds an eight-month travel period in the countries of the antique world. 





Research grants

Research grants are awarded by the departments/commissions in a variety of areas. The scope of the program includes general research grants in line with DAI's commitment abroad and in Germany as well as stipends aimed to fund specific research, e.g. in Ancient History and epigraphy or digital humanities.



Short-term scholarships for guest scientists and young researchers

Ever since DAI was founded, facilitating international scientific exchange has been one of our core objectives. Our short-term fellowships for guest scientists and collaboration programs with our partner institutions promote joint research projects, research in our many local libraries and archives, and international exchange in our lecture courses and colloquia.





Temporary fellowship programs

We continuously seize new opportunities to support academic and scientific work and collaboration through special programs. 

  • Stipends of the transformation partnership Egypt


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